Abstract: With the success of Open Data a huge amount of tabular data sources became available that could potentially be mapped and linked into the Web of (Linked) Data. Most existing approaches to “semantically label” such tabular data rely on mappings of textual information to classes, properties, or instances in RDF knowledge bases in order to link – and […]

Abstract: The Open Data movement has become a driver for publicly available data on the Web. More and more data – from governments, public institutions but also from the private sector – is made available online and is mainly published in so called Open Data portals. However, with the increasing number of published resources, there are a […]

This report provides the results of the conducted focus group interviews, together with an online-based survey regarding current issues of data quality on open data portals in Austria. The report explains the structure and methodology behind both activities, along with an analysis, discussion, and summary of the combined outcomes. Based on these findings, together with […]

Today we are happy to be able to publish the deliverables of work package 1 – requirements elicitation. While the deliverables have been finished already by the end of march, some important additional contributions by the project partners justified ongoing updates. Deliverable 1.3 – State-of-the-Art Analysis of Open Data Quality Assessment Metrics and Algorithms This […]

As part of ADEQUATe project  we are working on the framework for assessing and monitoring and improving quality of open data at two open data portal – data.gv.at and opendataportal.at. One of the goals of quality improvement phase is also to (semi)automatically leverage existing open data (tabular data) to Linked Data. Leveraging existing tabular data to Linked Data means to (1) […]